Our Multicultural Family

By Mrs. Hernández & AHS Newcomers  |   From : Panama City Beach, FL  |   School : J.R. Arnold High School

JR Arnold High School is the home for a small group of multicultural English Language Learners.  Many of our students came into this country in search of better life opportunities and with much determination to progress in life. My students are young people motivated to learn English as a second language and life skills that will allow them to continue studying for a career in college or to succeed in a job.

We have learned many things in our journey as students at AHS.  Besides learning English, we have learned about compassion, advocacy and self-worth.  In our classroom we value every peer without asking where they are from, what language they speak or how they came here.  We are multiple worlds in one.  Thankfully, our school  has been very welcoming for ESL students from another countries and provides us with all the possible opportunities  to become great citizens and hard working people in life.

We are sharing a small piece of our stories to inspire others to fight for the dreams they are building while living their journey here in America.

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