We’re Panama City, FL

From : Panama City, FL  |   School : Rutherford High School

I’m from a village close to the mountains where everyone is religious, and everyone in my family is happy. I remember just being comfortable.

I am from Christmas Block parties, and lechon on a spit, and singing contests, and mango trees. I remember playing music on my Grandma’s front porch.

I am from where there are good beaches amazing food and brilliant people.

I am from near a mountain village where everyone is always celebrating. I remember always going swimming with my family from both sides of my family.

I am from a town called Nagua. I remember living there until I was eleven. My life was happier living there.

I am from a place where happiness is always with us, where i always used to go next door and see my grandparents, where dancing reggaeton anywhere was completely normal and it always made me happy.

I’m from a Christian family that are happy and sad, smart and full of confidence to try different things. I remember….

I am from a place where the coquis would always accompany you to sleep and you would wake up to the sound of the chicken…

I am from a place where there are good beaches, amazing food, and brilliant people.

I am from a country where the economy is bad, but the people have a good heart, and have courage. I remember be playing with my friends we were always running and from one day to the next my step dad decided to come to have a better economy and more opportunities.

I am from a lot of food, rich chicken, hoops, and there are many beautiful rivers.


Today, we’re in a place where people speak many different languages because not everybody speaks English. In this new place, I like going out a lot, because they have new things. Like, new games, and I like hamburgers because they are bigger.

Today we’re in a place where we feel quiet and calm. Because there’s no kids to play with someone. I seek. I found someone. It’s God. He have been with me and everyone. I was reading about him. What he said as always he will be with. Don’t worry about anything. Just PRAY.

Today, we live in a place that has beautiful beaches and it’s really calm, I’ve met a lot of nice people in here all of them are from different places but they’re really special to me, and i love living in here.

Today, we’re in a place that has trees on the floor, the stores, and the stuff are no longer here.

Today, we’re in a new place….

In this new place, where I go to sleep with the sound of loneliness

Today, we live in a beautiful city. The beaches are beautiful and the girls here are cute.


We want the future to be…

In the future we want to have master degrees in college. Have good jobs. Be with family and friends.

We want our future to be filled with a lot of laughter and love, with accomplished goals
We want to change the word “can’t” to a “can”!

(I really don’t know what I want to my future, just want all my family together again.)

We want to be somebodies in life.

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