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Paradise Lost

By Anselme Dembassa  |   From : Central African Republic  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from Jazzy Street

Tropical and changeable

I am from a valley

Where ancient rivers flow

The full circle of life

Under the proud eye of birds

Adorning the sky


I am from Old School where family comes first always

Where sharing compassion and joy with each other is important

Where  integrity and love is born

I am from a park

Lion, eagle, tiger, are a gift

Where tourism is born


I am from dance

Old traditions vs modern traditions

Hip Pop vs jazz and blues

I am from tales in the moonlight

Where old stories are told by old men

I am from Zola

Where people dance around a fire

I am from grilled meat and plantains.


I am from a country of war

Where rebellion is born

Pity does not  exist

Where kids are killed and hurt

Forgiveness and love are changed by blood

Where peace and smiles are taken away

I am from soccer

Where the fields are green

Teams are cheering

Games are won like our independence

Where belief in yourself can make you victorious.


I am from my grandmother

Where on Jazzy Street illness and sickness begin

Pain and crying become a tragedy

Humanity overcomes despair

And death is the beginning of a new story


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