Now I have peace of mind

By Maria  |   From : Palm Beach (Florida)  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

Hi, my name is Maria Pacheco Resendiz. I am originally from Mexico. I am going to share my personal “I Learn America” story. I departed from my country Mexico to the United States with my family. My family decided to come to the United States to have a new life and also to study.

When it was my first day in school, I was very nervous to enter and I felt very bad, my body was shaking and I could not speak. When I got to school and I looked at all  the students, it impacted me. When I saw everyone, I thought everyone spoke English and I also thought that no one was going to help me.

When I entered the office which my mom and my brother I was super nervous. They told me that I was going to my first class, I thought how I would do that if did not know  where to go. But they helped me to go to my class. When I went to class, the teacher asked me the schedule and I don’t know what she said, but everyone told me what she said, and I gave her the scheduled. She told me to sit with someone who spoke Spanish and English to help me translate in that class.

I also asked God to help me move forward because I felt sad and bad moods, I even told my parents  that we need to came back to Mexico. Sometimes I feel that way, even though I feel good most of the time. During the time I realized that I had a good lifestyle and I had more opportunities and friends who helped me. Now I have more peace of mind. Together with my friends I hope that I continue studying to have a career to help my family along.

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