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personal Narrative

By Arturo  |   From : San Fernando  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy @ Cesar Chavez

Personal Narrative

I was born here. My parents were born in Mexico. They came to America illegally because they didn’t have documents. My dad got a job and they were able to buy a house after my dad got a better  job that paid well. My dad’s parents moved to America as well. This year my grandpa was very sick cause of this he said goodbye to all of his family that lived in America. Him and my grandma moved back to Mexico. This created a problem because my parents don’t have documents and aren’t able to go visit them. This also made me feel bad because I wouldn’t be able to see them that often anymore. This affected me because I would think about all the times I would visit them. Also it made me think about the stuff my dad was going through because he wouldn’t be able to visit him. This also made think about how many people faced this type of problem. Then I started to forget about the situation and then i started to not let affect me and now i can think about it without getting affected by it.  

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