Pinolera de Corazon

By Gabriela Morales  |   From : Managua, Nicaragua  |   School : Everglades Highschool

“Nicaragua la tierra de lagos y volcanes”. The home of the prince of Castilian letters. “La flor mas linda de mi querer”. “Yo soy de un pueblo pequeño, pequeño como un gorrión”. A country that however small together it is as strong as a volcano. From a small country that although it has and keeps suffering from repression it will not let itself be defeated by a corrupt government. From a country where you have “Nacatamal” and Coca Cola for breakfast and a “Fritanga con Carne Asada” for lunch. Where “Mayaya” “Tululu” and “Folklore” can be danced by any Nicaragüense in the world. Where every “Hipica” and 14 and 15 of September you will hear a “Marimba”. Where no matter who you are you are “mae”. And a “Mortero” is your biggest defense weapon when the government attacks.

My name is Gabriela I was born on September 22, 2002 in Managua, Nicaragua. I am from the land of lakes and volcanoes. And i am proud to call myself a “Pinolera de Corazon.”

I have lived most of my life in Nicaragua but that changed on May 18, 2018 when I came here to Florida. Let me go back a few years. I have lived a pretty good life for most of my life but  2014 and the beginning of 2015 were some pretty rough years for me. I was bullied and fell into a depression that lead to suicidal thoughts. I got through it with the help of my friends and family. As for the remaining  of 2015, and the years 2016, 2017 the only downside was probably a few heartbreaks I went through otherwise they were good. To be honest I didn’t think my life could ever possibly get worse than how it did back in 2014 but I guess I was wrong. Migrating to the USA, fleeing a country in chaos and a repressible government caused me stress and anxiety.

The changes of not only school but also, country, house, and people. This are huge changes that I need to get used to because I am well aware that i’ll go through many more for example college, and probably moving out from my house. But this changes are mostly normal in a person’s life but for me having to leave all of my friends behind in a country that’s not really safe to be in and not being able to tell them that you are not going back is truly hard.

But despite all the sad things I am going through I’ve had several good experiences for example I have grown closer to my family here in the states and I have met so many new people I can call my friends and I also feel like some of these friendships will last for a lifetime.

Nicaragua is a wonderful country that is sadly going through some rough times due to a corrupt government but I have hopes that they will surrender and let peace and happiness come back.


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