Poverty Hardships

By Ana  |   From : California  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy

My name is Ana Herrera and this is my poverty story. In life, many people deal with low income and decide to get stuck in poverty and sometimes individuals just decide to give up. In one time of my life, I was struggling with low income and financial problems when I was a child. The setting took place at home when I came home from school, and I layed down in bed. I remember hearing my parents arguing about money issues and I heard my mom telling my dad that we are stuck here, not doing anything but dealing with not paying the bills for our house. At that time, my dad got fired from his job, which paid him not fairly and that resulted in fighting about low income in the family. My dad was trapped, not knowing what to do and I felt like a burden because I was not doing anything either that could have helped the situation. During the problems we were facing as a family, my dad dealt with a lot of hardships that included trying to find a job, but it was hard for him to find one. My mom was dealing with having to take care of me and my sister, and she also was having problems checking up on her mom, my grandma back in Guatemala who had an illness. My mom was emotionally and mentally drained. For me, it was hard because I could not bare having to look at my mom and dad in pain emotionally. I felt like I have not done good enough, and I kept thinking about the time when my dad said to me that he does not want me to go through the same difficulties as him, and that is why I need to work hard. After, it was getting better from time to time. My dad got a full-time job at Fedex, which paid him fairly, and he was happy and had a huge smile on his face. My grandma was improving with her illness and she was doing well and my mom was very happy about it. I was doing good academically and things were looking up for once in my life. I was happy and fully recovering from all the adversities we had to take, but it was worth it. This matters because many people come from poverty and many people still today deal with poverty, but all it takes is one risk and some things will finally be alright for once.

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