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the President was leading the country to destruction

By Enrique  |   From : West Palm Beach   |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

Hi! My name is Enrique Barrios, I am originally from Venezuela. One year ago my Mom and I departed from Venezuela to the United States. I departed from my country Venezuela on September, 2015. We arrive to Fort Lauderdale on the same day, after that I came to West Palm Beach . This is my story of why I left my country

The reason why I left my country is because the country became more dangerous and dangerous every year. There was no food and the President was leading the country to destruction. When I lived in Venezuela, it was very difficult to get out no matter whether it was day or night. It was always dangerous, people steal or kill you for money, cellphones, food, or anything you have.

There were also those who were against the government, and the government as it does not want to leave the power they use to the guard to shoot people. They either harm people by arresting them or by throwing grenades .

Little by little my mom realized how the country was getting destroyed. My mom did not see a good future for us, so she made  the decision that we had to go. In September of 2015, we left Venezuela to the United States. And That is the reason why I’m in United Stated of America

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