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My purpose is to learn the American Culture

By Juan  |   From : Wellington FL  |   School : Palm Beach Central High School

I am a student of Palm Beach Central High School, I came to the United States for a better future, a better education, a better job and for the safety of my family because in colombia the social situation has become too dangerous

My purpose is to study hard, to learn the American culture, to study a career that I like and to dedicate myself to what I like best and what I am best at

The opportunity presented itself to me because my mother met a very good man who conquered and welcomed us, and now we are a big family that fights to fulfill our dreams and so to help each other to always be happy comes in the middle of June Last year I tried hard to learn the idiom and to adapt to the educational system, our arrived to have been quite gratifying since everything has gone well and quickly

The only bad thing we are going through is that almost all my family is in Colombia and since we can not travel until we get the documentation about our stay in the united states, we can not go to Colombia to warn our family and the truth is that the We miss a lot


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