Qué dijo la maestra

By Giselle  |   From : Mexico  |   School : Glades Central Community High School

Hi, my name is Gisselle Alvarez. I was born in Florida, United States. But I moved to Mexico when I was a baby. I came to the United States because I wanted to meet my father. I just came to meet him and find out  what life was like in this country. I was twelve, I had to travel alone by plane to Mexico City and then get off and then come directly to Florida. When I came to the United States,I left behind my mom, my sister and my dog. I didn’t feel so sad because I thought it was just a vacation. I felt very excited because I would live a new adventure, which was traveling alone for the first time.

When I met my father again he ran towards me and he said “forgive me for leaving you alone for so many years” and I can’t say anything to him because we were both crying. I felt strange when I was with the first few hours because for me he was a stranger. I had never seen him and it seemed strange to me to be with him but later I felt as if I had known him all my life. I felt good but I did not feel at home. I was missing my mother and my sister.

In August 2021 I entered High School. I felt so excited and at the same time I felt scared  because I would meet new people. I have never been good at making new friends. My first day was very good. I met new people who are now very important in my life, the first class I entered I felt nervous I thought that nobody would help me and that I would be left alone but my classmates did help me like some teachers who did not understand everything they said and that I was desperate because I felt that I was falling behind I told myself “Qué dijo la maestra?” What did the teacher say  “¿Qué está sucediendo?” What’s going on?” I thought it would be a horrible day but my new classmates helped me too much as well as the teachers.

 Everything was going too well in my life when my dog ​​who was in Mexico got sick. I felt desperate because I knew if something bad happened to him I would never see him again. After my dog ​​was fighting his illness my dog ​​passed away and I feel guilty because I wasn’t with him, me and my dog, we were inseparable, he was my company. I never imagined that something bad would happen to him while I was here

I’ve been in high school for a year and now I understand two languages ​​and I have a GPA of 3.0. Even though I’m from here it wasn’t easy at all and I learned that even if good or bad things happen you should never give up. We all have a process in this life and at the end of the day everything will be fine and remember if one day things go wrong for you, it is not a bad life but a bad day.


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