I LEARN AMERICA is inviting you to become your own storyteller. Inspiring yourself from the stories in the film and in the project, you can add your voice and experience to our ever growing interactive platform. You can share who you are through the “Human Library”, interact with other participants in schools around the world and browse other people’s work. In the process, your story becomes one more way we get to LEARN AMERICA.

Step 1 - Registering

Register here.

Enter a username and your email address. It could take 5 – 10 minutes for a default password to be emailed to you. Be sure to check your spam folder.

Step 2 - Create Password

Follow link in email to create a password.

Step 4 - changing password

If you would like to change your password to something more memorable, navigate to your profile.

Step 6 - Writing your story

Enter the title of your story.

Enter your text into the text editor, you can also upload and add images by clicking “Add Media”.

Enter your name

Enter where you identify yourself to be from (e.g. Guatemala, China, Mexican/American… etc).

Enter your school name.

You can decide wether or not to add options to share your story on social media.

Step 7 - Making your story visible to others

Next you need to assign your story to a school, if your school is not listed you can add by clicking “Add New Category”.

You can add tags to your story so it can be found by others, you can click “choose by the most used tags” or create your own.

Next you need to add a profile picture, click on “set featured image” to choose one that already exists or upload a new one.

Step 8 - Publishing your story

You can see the progress of your story at any time by clicking “Preview”.

Once you’re happy with your story you can click, “Submit for Review”.

Only a person with admin privileges can publish you story to the Human Library.

Step 9 - Story publishing options

Be sure to let an administrator know if you would like this page to be visible to the public.

There are three options here:

Option 1: Public – this will visible to everyone.

Option 2: Password protected – your post will only be visible to people who have the password.

Option 3: Private – Only people who have logged in can see your story

Step 10 - Comments

You can comment on other peoples stories!

Make sure you are logged in first.

All comments will be held for moderation and only someone with admin privileges can approve comments.