Ride or Die

By Nashley Vasquez  |   From : Honduras/Florida  |   School : Everglades High School

My name is Nashley Vasquez, im in highschool and i am 15 years old. I was born in Florida but my parents were both born in Honduras.They immigrated to the states back in the 1992. Being the child of two immigrant parents creates a lot of fear for me. I’m always in a state of constant fear. Because of laws and rules being placed against my parents and other immigrants. My biggest fear is everything crumbling down for them and leaving everything we love. My parents have had to keep smiling when they are put down. They are not allowed to make mistakes because one mistake can ruin everything they worked for. While i grew up my parents grew a company. A place where we distribute foods from Honduras to markets in Miami. Even selling products they make themselves. I am very grateful for everything the company has provided for us. It is a blessing not a blot of people can have. I have always had a job secured there and because of that i have not found a passion i love or a career that i’m interested in. My life has been set for me. That is another fear of mine of having a job that isolates me from my life and family.


Living with my family is the most difficult challenge i face everyday. Because i am the most honest, blunt, and straight forward person in my entire family. I hate liars and rude people. I will tell anyone young and old what they are doing is wrong if they are being rude or disrespectful. The world is constantly evolving and i believe the way people see each other should be in a positive way no matter their skin color or gender. Most hispanic families are not open minded and that is something i can not tolerate that is why i call people out because i want to change the way they see someone that is different. I am ride or die but i will kill for my family but I will drop them like a fly if they are in the wrong. That is just who i am. I will stand up for my parents no matter what (unless they are rude or in the wrong!).


People constantly bring them down just because they are immigrants. What i see in my community is good people. Constant laughter, and some pretty bomb food. However there are some stuff us latinos need to work on.. Like the homophobic latinos and the racist latinos.

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