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Sad and Happy: my story

By Tsering Bhutia  |   From : India  |   School : Mario Umana Acadamy

Traveling above, 8448 miles in the mid-air

Passing the second largest Atlantic Ocean

Leaving all neighbors, friends and associates behind

Did you think it’s easy for us?


All the human beings have their own story

Some stories may be sad

Some stories may be happy

But my story has the feeling of both happy and sad.


When I came here for the first time

My family was waiting for me at the airport

I felt so happy to meet my family, but from another side,

I felt sad leaving my friends and associates.


Hardest part of my life was saying goodbye to my dearest friends.

When I’m with my friends I felt like I’m flying with two wings,

But when my friends are not around I felt like I’m flying with one wing,

And it makes me feel like I’m going to fall behind.


When I started to go to school,

I didn’t feel very comfortable like I used to do in India.

Everything seems different.

The food, clothes, language everything!

Soon enough I got used to new things.



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