Sad Right?

By Mitali Pastel  |   From : India/Uganda  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I was 8 years old when i was sent
To india from Africa. Sad right?
I had negative thoughts 
Like do my parents hate me.
No, I was wrong.  I did not
Know the real reason, 
Why I was sent home
It was not safe there for me
In Uganda they could kidnap 
Or kill me for money. Its is not 
A safe country. Especially for girls.


Adjusted myself in India
With strict culture for girls 
Like girls can’t wear shorts.
And because of less trees
It is so hot there. and 
Peoples even talk, rumors,
Like a boy can not be a friend
Of a girl and a girl cannot be a
Friend of a boy.
Isn’t that weird?

Back in India I lost my real world
Just imagine if you try hard to achieve 
Something and you get it after many years
And then you have to forget it
Isn’t it hard?
I did as I was told,I settled there 
I was going to some festivals
Like Navratri where friends dance together.
Like Diwali when we do firecrackers.
And my great  grandmother
Cooked sweets like ladoo
Round and yellow balls


Sometimes we all say that we hate 
Our parents. Why? because they scold 
us, am i right?I used to be the same 
When i was in Africa I told myself that I
Didn’t like them because they told
Me to do school work or many
Things i didn’t  like to do like 
Go to school or do homework.
Its every teenager’s thing, right?
But when I went far from them 
I realized how much
I loved them  and how Important 
parents are for all of us.


I used to live with my grandmother 
In India and I saw my
friends and their parents.
They all hung out together, had fun.
They went to visit some new places
Like Shimla, Manali where its snows
And i love snow so much but the 
Thing is my parents weren’t with me
And my grandmother didn’t know how
To drive and to go there. It is so
Expensive and i was wishing just 
To go with my parents but,
It doesn’t matter. Now I am 
Here and I saw snow. I think I am happy


Everyone in the world has problems 
In their own life but all just try hard 
To get out of those problems
“Struggle is real” and I think
I experienced it.


My parents always tell me that 
“If you work hard or do hard struggle you can 
achieve anything you want”
And I guess I did.  I wanted them to live with me
And I guess i convinced them to live with me. 


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