I Was Searching For a Better Life

By Heidy Mendez Solis  |   From : Boston, MA  |   School : East Boston High School

I’m Heidy Mendez. I’m 19 years old and from Guatemala. The best moment in my life was when I met my mother and brothers after 14 years. My mom came to the United States because she wanted to give me a better life and help me in my studies. I also met my father for the first time. He came to the United States when I was 3 months old. I don’t know why he decided to come to the US. I only know after he came here, he met another women and forgot about my mother. After my mom found out, she did not want to know anything about my dad and she told him not to call me. My mom forbade me to see my dad. I did not understand why, but my mom told me that he had hurt her a lot and that he never cared for me. I was so scared to meet him because I really did not know what he was like. But when I saw him, I cried and he hugged me with all his strength. At that moment I felt strange because we had never seen each other before.

The worst part was when I said goodbye to my grandparents. I saw them cry and I felt bad because I was the only one who lived with them. They from that moment they were alone. The 15 years that I lived with them, those years were the best time of my life. They spent a lot time with me I can’t describe what they mean to me. I only know I love them with all my heart. After a year of living in the United States. My grandfather died. The last time we spoke, he told me that he loved me and would take care of me. When I was here and he died, I just wanted to cry because I knew that all the happy moments that we spent would never happen again. Those memories would just be in my mind and heart.

I decided to come to the United States because I wanted to improve my education. In Guatemala we don’t have the same opportunities like here in the US. I also decided to come because my mom wanted to meet me because I’m the only girl in the family. The first day in the US I felt strange because this city is not the same as Guatemala. I also felt happy because I got to see my mom again and wanted to share happy moments with her. I was excited to see what opportunities I was going to have. I was searching for a better life. I want to graduate from high school and earn a degree in college.


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