Self Delight

By Andrew lorenzzi  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School



You can close your eyes

To things you don’t want to see

But you can’t close your heart to things

You don’t want to feel

Childhood memories of playing in the pool

Swimming competitions

Breakfast at waffle house floods the dome

But there is a darker side of this kid’s story

That is still going on  

The jealousy and envy  from the outer family

A 17 year old kid making it in Los Angeles

“but why him, he doesn’t deserve it”

“He hasn’t actually worked for anything”

People just hate on things they don’t understand

Hurt overpowers you when your family isn’t proud of you

But you’re not sure what to do

Confusion and hurt now floods your mind

But then you look at yourself

And understand the only one that needs to be proud of you

Is yourself

Self-love is the best love


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