Self Hate

By Lizette  |   From : Sylmar  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy

Self Hate

My name is Lizette Alvarez and this is my story. My story begins in Middle school. It was the first day and I noticed something big. It was the people around me. They looked older and better looking than me. And then I looked at myself and saw a difference in me. So I started getting self conscious, hating my body and myself. But I never felt this way before. I always loved myself and who I was. Now I don’t, it’s the opposite. As Middle school went on it just got worse and worse. Friends who I thought were friends would say things about me and start rumors and all that good stuff. But luckily I had at least some loyal friends who actually cared about me and told me that what people would say isn’t true. I would try to believe what my real and loyal friends would say. Like i’m really pretty, that my eyelashes are really long, that i’m skinny, etc. Even though the comments were all nice but I still didn’t believe it. Being a person of color can be rewarding and a privilege. But can also be really hard. People of color are not called beautiful or the ideal color.

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