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Sexual orientation is not a choice. It is something that is part of our personality.

By Lubna  |   From : Saint-Denis, France  |   School : Lycee Suger
Hello! My name is Lubna, I’m French and I live In Saint Denis, In the suburb of Paris.
I looked for myself for many years, changed my views about what I like.
For many years, I have worn normal clothes And I listened to music like everybody to look like a “normal girl”.
Because I was scared about other students.
But in 8th grade, I know my sexual orientation : I’m bisexual, I like boys and girls.
I said that to my family and they were happy, but students in my class were homophobic enough to be able to hit those who are not heterosexual So I didn’t talk about my sexuality and I had isolated myself. And in 9th grade I decided to wear what I like and assume my musical tastes (punk, rock, metal, grunge…) .
Finally now, in 10th grade, I decided to assume and admit my sexual orientation to the world around me.
I’m not scared about other students as my high school, I write “LGBT” (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual) on my sheek to show what I am. I have lost a lot of friends because they are homophobic and this is good because they are bad acquaintances for me.
But Now, I have gay friends, bisexual friends, we help each other.
Sexual orientation is not a choice, it’s something that is part of our personality. All of you have to do is : accept it.

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