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Singing in the Shower

By Matthew Guadalupe  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a small country

With people of big hearts

I am between  American and Ecuadorian

From English and Spanish


I am from two volcanoes

Where you could be cold in July

And warm in February


From a city where some children play

Futbol, hopscotch, jump rope

While the others are sent out to the street to beg

Or to sell a chocolate, a candy, a lollipop

And go home with a pocket full of coins


I am from bowls of my abuela’s cevichochos

From tomatoes and dried beef

After a day of parties

I am from practicing BMX and downhill

From speed and jumps

From mountains and tracks and stairs

And falls and broken bones


From an artist family, abuela, dad, tio Beto,

Musicians all

Singing at every party

Or in the shower

Making everyone feel a part of the scene


I am from a place where everyone eats meat

Bife, pollo, puerco

While I mostly eat fries and rice, tomatoes, beans and cheese

The lone vegetarian

Where everyone stares


-November 2017

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