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So much was different

By Shaishab Lodh  |   From : Bangladesh  |   School : University Neighborhood High School (New York)

I remember leaving Bangladesh to move to the United States, it was very emotional for me. I had to leave everyone I knew but at least my parents and my sister were with me.


Being at airport for the first time in my life was an amazing experience. I remember the JFK international airport being so advanced compared to the Dhaka international airport. I remember seeing the streets and being surprised by how much bigger it was compared to the streets in Bangladesh. Everything just looked so much cleaner and better compared where I was 48 hours ago.


My first full day in the United States was a big learning experience for me because so much was different.  I had to learn how to use the western styled bathroom. So much was different that even the windows were opened differently.


Moving to the United States for me was a very tough but welcoming transition because of my school doing so much to help me learn things as quick as I could.


My first day in school was pretty scary because I did not know anyone or speak english well enough to be become friends with someone. My teacher was very nice though, she would always give me extra things to help me learn english quickly. Which really helped because I had a basic understanding of English by the end of third grade. I was in the 3rd grade for only 2 months before being promoted to the 4th grade since we moved here on april 1st, 2009. My school did very well teaching me English and the American culture.


Something that was also very different for me was seeing my mom stay at home because she had a career in Bangladesh . After moving to the US my parents decided that it would be better if my mom didn’t work because then she can be there for us instead of us being alone at home. This meant that my dad had to work more than average. I remember not seeing my dad on most days because in the morning when I was going to school he would be asleep and at night he would get home well after I fell asleep.


My transition was tough but at the end, I was happy because we were at a much better place. My experiences after moving to the United States highly contributes to who I am today.


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