Soccer Was My Favorite Past Time

By Jeremy  |   From : San Fernando, California  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy

One moment I remember in my life when I was happy was when I had won my soccer tournament. I was 14 years old and I remember what I had felt when I was there at the moment. At that time soccer was my favorite hobby and sport to play. It had helped me when I was down and when I was going through hard times. Those days were my favorite because I was able to space out and take my mind somewhere else. The day of the soccer tournament I was very nervous because if we lost we would have to play for third place. It was a double-header game and two of my teammates did not show up so we were two players short. We had enough people on the field but we only had two subs. The first game we went against the one team that only had one loss and five wins. We started the game slow as nobody scored in the first half. The second half of that game was way more competitive as I had scored two goals in the 3rd quarter. The other team had also scored two goals so it was tied 2-2 when the 3rd half ended. When the 4th and last quarter started my teammate scored a goal within the first thirty seconds. With that goal we were up 3-2 and our only goal for the rest of the game was to score another goal but mostly defend our goal. We succeeded with that as the other team was not able to another goal so we won the game.

The second game that I played was against a team that had two losses and four wins. The game started off heated as I had got one of the other players mad because I had fallen on top of him on accident. The whole game was really competitive as we kept scoring goals back and forth by halftime it was tied 2-2. During halftime my coach gave us a motivational talk that helped us play harder in the second half of the game. This game was the championship game so we all played our hardest because we all wanted to win the tournament. I played as competitive as possible so I scored our last two goals to seal off the game and win 4-2. I felt really good when the game had finished, my parents , my coach were all proud of me for playing hard and scoring as many goals as I did in both of those games. At the end of the game we did not get a trophy but we did get medals and I was proud of that, knowing that we had won the championship. At the end of the game I was crying because out of the 5-6 years I had played there I had finally won the championship. When I had got home I had been so proud of myself that I let myself have a victory lunch by myself. When I was done I went to my backyard and started practicing there getting ready for next season that was in another year from then. Now till this day I am still motivated to win another championship for my team next time.

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