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The story already ended.

By Daniel Vicente  |   From : Spain  |   School : Everglades High School

I am from the bull racing

From rich restaurants and hardworking

I am from the old and dusty

Sensitive, listener, hawk vision

I am from holm oaks

Very dry but fresh

I’m from the Three Wise Men and Fallas in Valencia

From Marco and Laura

I’m from the family reunions and discussions in the same

From the empathy and defend free speech

I am from workers, never saw them

I am from Madrid, city of the destroyed dreams

Spanish tortilla, Andalusian gazpacho

From the sacrifice that my parents did to bring me here.

Daniel Vicente Fernandez

P.D This is written one year later, and from what I learned the past year is that, “La vida es dura pero mas dura es la verdura”.

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