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My story of why I am here.

By David Vertilus  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Palm Beach Central High School

I came in America for a reason that people know for a long time ago; it’s for a better economy. The way I came through is not the worst or the best;while I am explaining you will understand. Before I came there were a lot of processes, and I think the Embassy of America doesn’t respect people that are in Haiti, because these processes were way too long that my family couldn’t deal with them. The manner or the way I came is unbelievable.


Since my country is  considered a poor country, my family decided to come to America so my brothers, my sisters and I can have a better future. We came for a better Education and to be a good person in the society. However, the way to come is so hard and costs a lot. To come,I had to travel to go to the capital to set up things because in Haiti we only have one Embassy. The money I spent for gas wasn’t much in my personal view, but that could be for any simple things that you could just call on the phone and get it done unfortunately it wasn’t like that.

The process took 7 years, while the processing me and my mother had to do a DNA test so they could certified she’s my mom. The DNA test was positive and the process was uploading by the fact that my family had to do medical so we could be able to go to the Embassy to pay for the visa – each visa are separated and each cost the same that are not good price. Fortunately everything was succeeded after that we had to buy ticket sadly we couldn’t stay for more than two weeks and my family was already was broke.


I came in an unpredictable way because only one of my older brothers knew that he couldn’t stay after two weeks. My family figured out nobody couldn’t stay in a midnight in that was kind of a catastrophe, if we didn’t travel in the next few hours everything would be for nothing because all of this process would restart over. In this same midnight my mom made a lot of of call to borrow money from people so we could get the tickets to take fly. In a couple calls my mom had found some money and she doubt so we could come, before that she was so stressful because she had no hope. Our lord make all that didn’t happened and we took early in the morning.
Finally we arrived something that we wanted for a long time, my family was my little brother and and two younger sister, and my mother. When we arrived we spent a lot of time at the airport and it was freezing. I hate the moment I came because it was in the winter and the driver that supposed to pick us up take several hours. After all he came and we went home but on the road i was watching houses, because that was a different view, a different reality, I mean everything was different, and I began a new life style so life goes on.

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