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The story of poor young dreamer

By Adeline Raymond  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Glades Central High School (FL)

This is the story of a young woman from a poor family, but her family is trying to be a good example for others.


My name is Adeline Raymond. I am 18 years old. I’m in 11th grade. I come from Haiti in a city named St Marc. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. I was living with my aunt after my father passed away. My dad was dead before I even had time to enjoy life with him. We didn’t have fun together. I didn’t have the chance to enjoy his affection and his love. I didn’t grow up with my father, that caused sadness when I saw other children with their fathers.. Despite everything I was still in the corner making myself stronger, because I have a mom who takes care of everything. She is friendly, and she makes me feel that “life is not finished for me“ even though I don’t have a father like the others. I was born in a Christian family; they do not neglect their prayers. We have faith in God. It is not easy for a children to grow up without a father, because even if the father doesn’t take care of the children, it would a pleasure for the children to know their father in life. My mom used to sale coal to keep me and my sisters alive; she sold all kinds of humiliating things to find money to buy food for us to eat; she is the only one who did everything for her children; she had no support. When I look through my past, all of my sad experiences make me stronger and help me to keep going and to keep studying. I will persevere in what I hope, because I want to take care of mom and not let her do anything.  I want to do for her what she has been doing for me. My mom works so hard for us that made her sick. Now she is not healthy anymore, because she has done too much hard work. All that suffering gives me the desire to get a better future. My mom is fighting a lot for us to get respect from others even though we don’t have money. I ask God to give her health to see the progress her child is going to make. After several years of a miserable life, one of her children decided to bring her to the United States. That was a big help even if she first came alone. That was bad for us, and she made a lot of sacrifices to allow us to join her. I didn’t come to the United States to enjoy myself; I came to follow my objective. When I obtain my objectives, I will go back to Haiti to help, because I have some projects for Haiti. My dream is to go back to help people who don’t have the opportunity to have family help like I did. I have a project to make a safe place to help the homeless. Although I suffered from calamity before I got here, that does not prevent me from pursuing my pathway. To show that no one can prevent you from reaching your goals, you must have principles.  and you will achieve with God’s help.


I am writing about my life. I suffered a lot in my childhood.  If I begin to tell those stories, I do not believe I’ll be able to finish.


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