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There were strange, unexpected things

By Edgar  |   From : Queens, NY  |   School : Louis Armstrong Middle School

I was born in the United States, but all my family is from Mexico. I love my Mexico because it connects me to my family. Being American changed me because of the language. I never knew how to speak English. When I went to school, I learned how to speak English and I taught my mom how to speak English like she taught me how to speak Spanish.

Immigration is important in my life because I need to know what my mom has been through and how did her life got better. I interviewed my mom. Her name is Gloria Dominguez. She immigrated to this country in 2003. It was spring. The weather was rainy. She moved from Mexico.

The last person she remembers before leaving was her mom. She was alone when she came to this country. The last thing she remembers before leaving her country is her family. She left behind her family. She felt scared as she left. The reason why she left was to get a better life.

My mom arrived in the United States in the year 2003. I was born in 2004. The weather was winter. In the United States, many things were going on like Christmas.

The first person she met here was her uncle. The new people she met were her new friends from work. She found old friends and family members like her brother and sisters. Her friends and community were good. When my mom arrived her opinion of American food was bad because she was used to Mexican food. In Mexico they have pizza but in the United States pizza was bad. There were strange, unexpected things like trains underground. In Mexico trains are above ground.

Something amazing and hopeful happened: She found a job and has her own house. She came to the United States because she has no money.  She found success by finding a job. Her family immigrated to the United States because they wanted a better life. Her family felt better because my mom got a job and she could send her mom money. She cares about her mom so much. The biggest challenge was to find a job. At first, she worked at a factory, but it didn’t pay that much. Now, she works at a laundromat that pays more.

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