Stranger in Maryland

By Hassan Gurashi  |   From : Sudan  |   School : International High School at Largo

My name is Hassan and my story starts in 2019 when I moved to Maryland. Everything was so weird for me and I didnt have any friends.

On day in 2019 I met Abdel. The way I met him was we were playing on the same soccer team in our area. We went to the same middle school and high school. After I met Abdel, I didn’t know where he was from, so I asked him. The answer was shocking! “I am from Sudan,” Abdel said. I got so happy because a random guy that plays on the same soccer team as you ,and he is from the same country as you. That day I was so shocked.

School was kind of hard for me because I couldn’t speak english and understand what people were saying. Then, I learned English and everything started getting easier for me. The year 2020 arrived, and I thought it would be the best year of my life, but everything flipped.  COVID-19 came and it was so terrible. I wasn’t happy. Prince George’s County Schools announced that school would now be virtual, and I was kind of mad because I knew that my grades would be so bad. 

I really wanted to pass, so I didn’t have to repeat the same classes. It was so bad for me to not meet my friends, and I was bored all day. I was playing too much on my PS4 to take my stress out. I started to meet new people online, and it was good and I was repeating the same thing everyday.

After a couple of months COVID-19 cases went down, and we went back to school. Everything was good again, and my grades are much better. In the future I want to graduate high school. Then after that I want to go to college, so I can achieve my dream job.

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