Teenagers Choreographers

By Stefany Ortiz  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

My group used to be the coolest one 
We were just four girls   
every person wanted to be in our group
but we didn’t want a lot of people 
the other people were fake 
the other people that weren’t in our group 
I had Heidy, Naty and Adri in my group 
Others created their own group but we were the best
The rebels, the most popular to the students
Respected even by the teachers. 


We had to pick the outfits 
Matching colors and styles
Matching jeans or leggings and t shirts or crop tops
Shoes the right color
matching the colors of  makeup   
And when we were done picking the outfit we
Said ” hagale pues” put the music on
To see which music we wanted for our dance 



My friends and I used to dance a lot 
At school for holidays like Mother’s Day 
Christmas or just for a birthday party  


With Heidy at the Christmas event
No uniforms, our matching outfits shining
Called out on the patio, in the center
So nervous, surrounded by everyone
The teachers, custodians, the director, 
The students, parents, 
Move over
Micki, Nicki, Nicki, Nati are up
The coolest group.


We used to dance reggaeton and we 
used to say “ponga la musica pues”
we had to practice a lot of days to get a good  dance 
At lunch always practiced in the back of the school 
In the darkish, hidden, open space
A broken cement floor, not clean and
The storage space for old school chairs
A mess but we needed that space
If we didn’t get it good
We’d practice again and again 
Always in the back of the school
The broken cement floor, the old school chairs.


I was always in the front with Heidy 
Sincere, funny Heidy
Always laughing about nothing
A contagious, big laugh.


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