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The Animals And Rains

By Rosibel Sanchez  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a small neighborhood

Where people walk around

Where the houses are big

Where the houses are brick

I am from where animals stroll by our houses

Cows, horses, pigs, mules

And where they make different sounds

Moooo, awwwhhnn, oink oink

Where people like animals

Where the animals aren’t scarey

I am from where the houses have a lot of trees

Where the mangoes fall when they are ripe

From plum trees full of red juicy deliciousness

And bees eat ripe fruit

Where my mom shares her fruit with her sisters

I am from changing weather all the time

Where the mornings are dark and cold

Afternoons change

And  the sun comes out

I am from where it rains very hard

Where the rain takes the stones from the street

It  is raining and at the same time sunny

Or sometimes sunny and cold

I am from where the places are so nice

From beaches and slides

Where people are having a great day

They play soccer and softball

When we eat together and others come

They eat bread with chicken

Where the food is so delicious

I am from where the mountains are beautiful

Where we have a lot of parks

Where the streets are very narrow

From the mountains

We look out to view ourselves and our towns

From the mountains

Which are everywhere


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