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The Face of God

By Matheo Angulo  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from the middle of the world,

Where you don’t know what weather it will be.

Some days a radiant sun comes out from behind the mountains,

And other days rain comes like the sky is falling.

At times the night sky looks like a perfect painting,

Shooting stars,

Sometimes a bright moon follows.

I am from a place suffering from global warming,

But no one says warning!

I am from Streets flooded,

And forests burned.

A place where tremors pass often,

Where a lot of people have lost their homes,

But not their hope.

I am from a place where people work hard,

But there is always time to spend with family.

Enjoying landscapes of green, of mountains,

And centuries old gothic stone churches

That are a relic of my country.

I am from the historic center brings tourists,

To find ancient houses with balconies,

Where many love stories were told in serenades and poetry.

I am from typical food,

Fritada, tostado, mote to make your mouth water,

And crafts that demonstrate the culture,

Silver jewelry, paintings, dolls, textiles.

I am from a place where people are humble,

Where people don’t have enough money,

But when someone needs help,

They are there to help them.

I am from abandoned dogs

that don’t have direction to go,

walking through the streets,

looking for something to eat

or their owners who left them.


I am from a place which is called “The Face of God”

or in spanish “La carita de Dios”

But in reality it hides the face of many children suffering.

I am from a place where parks are not for fun,

but for homeless people, beggars, drunks, drug addicts

or people with guns.

Sometimes little children go to this place,

but not to play

for something to eat,

begging for money,

selling candies because their drunk parents

force them to work in the streets,

to satisfy their addictions

with the money kids earned

and if it’s not enough

they are rough.

I am from children

With no right to study

or to have a decent life.


I am from a place where the government doesn’t care,

about the problems of the country

or if these poor kids are hungry.

The only thing that they care about is power

and money.

My government is ¨transparent¨

and transparently corrupt.

I am from a presidential election

Where the votes are manipulated

and my country aggravated.

I am from stealing of centuries,

From our ancestors with the Spanish Colonists

To nowadays with our government.

But I’m always going to love my country,

No matter what…


November 18, 2017

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