The girls tell me to fight to join the gang

By Ariana  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

Hello my name is Ariana Lopez Lugo Im in grade 9. I study in International High school at Langley Park. I live in Hyattsville MD.

My story begins in Maryland Riveldale when I was 14 years old. I was in middle school I don´t like because everytime I had fights with other person and it was very dangerous.

I feelt frustrated because I don´t talk with the girls. The girls everyday they be there me and I ignored them.

I don´t understand why talk to me.

The girls talked to me and wanted to get me in trouble. So i went to the office to make a report. After that I told my mom I ask question my mom for she come in the school.

The girls tell me to fight to join the gang. I don´t understand why they wanted me to join their gang. I didn´t have a friend like that. I felt nervous because I was alone with my other 2 friends and there were 6 girls.

My friend see when the girls talk to me for the fight and joining the gang, my friends come and call security because there were many girls around me and I was alone with 2 more friends.

My mom realized she going the school and she calls the police to make the report.

The girls said we are going to kill you. I was in the office principal with the security of the middle school William wrth while my mom arrived.

The polices investigate the girls and my mom also investigated about them too everytime I had security. They took 2 days for the investigation. During this time I felt normal they girls said gossip and said i don´t care.

The police investigated me too much and then they had a family meeting. I was in that meeting and the girls and the police were there and the teachers. The teacher Principal she decided to suspend the girls.


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