The hard life in the United States

By Daniel  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Palm Springs Middle School

I was born on April 22, 2006. I lived with my mother and father, but my father no longer loved my mother. Although my mother was aware of this, she was not separated from him by me and my sister. They separated because my aunt was deported from the United States and was going to live with us. My aunt didn’t like her, and my dad didn’t want any problems.

 He left and left us when he left. He was cheating on my mother. A friend of my mother realized that and told my mother and she told my father. They didn’t see each other anymore and that was how we grew up with my mother alone, my mother did not try to see my father. But he was not going to visit us either.  When he went to see me once a month, he did not look at us for a long time. My sister lost my dad’s affection and when he was going to visit us and take us to a place, my sister didn’t go alone. She didn’t want it anymore, although my mother told her to go. She didn’t want to see him anymore.

One day a man came to my country and he came with his sister. They were our neighbors and he was my mother’s friend. I introduced him to his brother, and they became friends and he was going to see my mother in El Salvador. They became boyfriends. They always talked on video call and he called her while she worked every hour and one day he asked her if she wanted to marry him and my mom said yes. They were preparing the wedding and they got married in a very famous restaurant in Salvador, in front of a lake that is a tourist place in my country.   They got married and he promised to bring her to the United States and that was the way he gave us papers. One day he told us we are leaving tomorrow and that we are going to pack up because we were leaving and we took the flight in the morning and arrived here at night. His sister picked us up and took us to his house to eat something and then we went to the house that my stepfather bought and we went to many schools to see which one they let us in because I live far from schools. We entered this and said that if we could come in and the next day we started school. I made two friends that help me to talk to my teachers and I go talk to them. I eat with them. They were my friends but then they left the school. But I make more friends.

The hardest thing for me was to leave my family and not see my family anymore.  It’s been 2 years. That’s been very difficult for me.  I wish that it could be different, but it is not.

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