The Love of a Family

By xandik  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

For me, my life has been a bit difficult due to the things that happened to me as a child. I had many difficulties. When I was only seven years old, I suffered a disease that almost killed me, but I struggled. Against this, all my family always helped me. Three years passed and thank God, I was able to heal myself. I remember that when I turned nine years old, my mother made me a party with the whole family. I was with my father. We had fun! A great cake was made and  When I was 10 years old, my family and I moved to another city. In that place, we had many happy moments. My father worked a lot. When I was 12 years old, my mother immigrated to this country in search of a better life at that time. She only came with my father, My brother and I stayed in Honduras with our aunt, She never treated us well, She was always mean. We became less. Since my mother was deported I did not see for two months. When I turned 13, it was very difficult for the family because at that moment they killed my brother. My mother got tired of crying so much for my brother that she made the decision to come to this country. Since we arrived here it was a bit difficult.

The trip here was not so ugly because we were very well protected. They always took care of us.  We suffered a lot with my mother, She cried because she did not want to see me hurt. She simply wanted a better future for me. I remember that my aunt would promise us many things when we came to this country.

Instead, things were not as she promised us. We suffered from the moment we came here. My aunt took us out of her house the week we arrived. My mom had to work and I was not studying. We were alone in a country where. We could not communicate with people. Despite the time, we met a person who helped us a lot and who helped us to be free in this country.

I remember that he helped me a lot. He is very good to me. He behaves like a dad with me and I liked it a lot. When I entered high school. I met many people who helped me. I learned a little English. The teachers loved me a lot for my good grades after I left. In the 9th grade of that year it difficult because it was not the same. I had a lot of problems and after reaching the 10th grade, everything improved. Until the study become complicated. For that reason, I had to come to Panama City.

For me, it was not easy to go to a place I did not know. Especially since the people. I was 3 months behind in school because we did not have a stable place and we were alone.  We went from hotel to hotel and after three months we had the opportunity to settle in a house. It was in very good condition and after a week I enrolled in Bay High School. I have the opportunity to be in school and I have very good teachers.  They help me out in order to get ahead at school. With the help of Ms. Garcia and Ms.Mickey, I was able to find more opportunities.

Also, I want my future to be better than my past. I want to be a great person because my mother and father are proud to have a daughter like me.  I know that my brother in heaven is also proud of me. I want to be a great person, such as a doctor, to be able to help my parents with their expenses. If someday in the future I could ask for a wish, I asked to go back to my brother and tell him how much I love him!

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