The Next Chapter

By Kristen Harding  |   From : Florida  |   School : Everglades High School


   I am now a Senior at Everglades High school, Graduating in June, 2018. I will also be attending Florida Gulf Coast University in June of 2018. I am excited to begin this new chapter of my life and experience what it is like to be independent in my studies and lifestyle. I am proud to have reached this achievement and to have had a supportive group of family and friends. Although i’ve earned this accomplishment, I have faced challenges in my high school career personally and academically.


    Entering my first year of High school, i didn’t take my responsibilities seriously and did not focus on school as much as i should have. The grades i received were not bad but they disappointed my Nicaraguan mother who had higher expectations for me. After realizing that i needed further improvement in my Sophomore year, it became less challenging for me to improve myself academically. Although I worked hard to keep my grades up , raising my Grade point average was another obstacle for me throughout the rest of my high school career.


   I envisioned my Senior year to be easy like previous upperclassmen have mentioned it would be. The application process for universities was new and confusing to me; both my parents did not attend college and neither have my elder siblings. Getting familiar with the process made it less stressful and eventually i applied to five universities.


     I am thrilled to further my education and to have made my parents proud. I am also grateful to be a part of a Latinos In Action, where i have made good friendships in both my Junior and Senior year. I had many leadership opportunities and learned responsibility through this wonderful program. I hope that after i graduate I am able to contribute to Latinos In Action with service and leadership for underclassmen.

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