The Refugee

By Masika Baguma   |   From : Congo  |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

I was born in Congo which is in central Africa, I lived there until I was 8 years old then I went to a different country in East Africa. Life in Congo was hard there were civil wars all the time we had to keep running to different places in Congo in order to survive. In Congo it was hard to get access to the internet only a few people could afford it. We had to work so hard in order to get something to eat everyday. I went to the farm every morning and we came back at lunch so we basically never had breakfast.

Not only did the Congo have wars, there were also natural disasters like volcanoes it was so hard to run away from volcanoes, but we still managed to get away and go to a safer place. Students had to wake up so early, go to the well and fetch water in order to take shower and get prepared for school. Schools in Congo are taught in French, Swahili and some English. When we got back home from school we had to do house chores before we could eat or do homework. Life was not easy in Congo but we were just kids so we still managed to play with each other and be happy like everything was fine.

In 2006 we moved from Congo to Uganda in east Africa, we didn’t have a place to live so we lived with my dad’s sister. After a few months my dad managed to find a job so we rented a house where we lived. He worked hard so we could go to school even though getting money in Uganda was also not easy. In 2008 we started going to school and then we had already started learning the language spoken in Uganda. We stayed in Uganda for 12 years.

My parents started planning to come to America where they knew life was better. They began the process of coming to America since 2006 until 2016 that was the year when I came to America. I came to America 9/19/2016, life was completely different here the weather, the way people behaved etc. It wasn’t really hard to communicate with people here because I knew some English because in Uganda they taught English. I started making new friends in America and getting used to everything here because it’s where I will stay for the rest of my life. Life in America is better than life Africa but I still miss it because it’s where I was born and it’s where most of my relatives live.

The people I miss in my country, my grandma,grandpa and my childhood friends. Nothing or no one will ever change the way I feel about them. I wish to meet them again, I always pray to God everyday to protect them so one day we can see each other again.

My goals in life is to graduate from high school and go to college and complete up my course,My goals is not to be better than anyone else, But to be better than i used to be. I want to be better spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially. And to give my mom all the happiness, love she deserves and to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you i did not give up.


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  • Bode

    April 12th, 2019 at 11:23 pm


    What a well-written story! You have had a very rich life, and will continue to do so, with the type of person you are. I hope you all the best with your goals!

    -Ms. Bode
    International Newcomers Academy
    Thomas Jefferson

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