The start of a new life

By Cristian  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

My story begins back in Guatemala when I was 12 years old. I was living with my grandmother and my grandfather. I was really excited by then since I just started my first year of middle school and I wanted to meet new persons. I was feeling frustrated, and unhappy because I really wanted to stay in Guatemala but I knew that if I stayed there, persons were going to hurt my family. My final decision was to leave my country to come to the United States, where I had to learn new things. I was really determined to learn things no matter if it was going to take me sometime.


I had to leave Guatemala to came to the United States even though I knew it was going to be hard. I left everything I had to start a new life into a new country . It was really hard at the beginning because I felt that one part of me was not with me and that made me sad. With my heart broken I arrive to Maryland on March 22, 2019. I was feeling nervous since I was going to finally have the opportunity to meet my mom after 12 years of having her so far away from me. Eventually I started school on the United States. I felt lost at the beginning, but I met some new people. After some days I found out that some friends that were in Guatemala move to the United States as well and they were studying in the same school as me. I liked to attend school everyday but there was a obstacle. My obstacle was I was going to a different school with new people in my life, but I had to learn a new language and that made it complicated to understand my homework and to have some higher grades in some classes.


I had to decide whether to leave my country or die since of all that was happening in that moment. I knew it was going to be hard because I had to make a decision and it needed to be fast. Knowing that it was going to be hard to start a new life in a new place I had never been before, I decided to leave my country for my safety and the safety of my family. 


I decided to leave my country, and I think it’s the best choice I made since, now all my family is safe and I know that one day I will return to my country again, where I leave all the great memories and the special persons which are my grandparents. Everyday I missed them so much but all that matters to me is know that they are safe and in a good health conditions.


Coming to the United States was a big challenge for me, but know I am with my mom after a long time of not seeing her. Almost 13 years and I didn’t imagine that coming to the United States where I have my mom and my brother and sisters. They are my inspiration to get my degree and continue my studies even though I know there will be a lot of obstacles all the way there but I believe I will get there and they are going to support me. 

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