The Story of my Life

By Ninoshka Baez  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Vineland High School

In 2014, my father left for Denver, Colorado. I stayed in Puerto Rico with my mom and my brother. I was sad because I did not have my dad with me. One day, a science teacher said that I look like a cow in front of everyone in class, and the students laughed at me. I ran out of the classroom crying. No one said anything to the teacher and I didn’t want to go to school.  My mom was wondering why I didn’t want to go to school. I never said anything to her until the moment that I couldn’t do anything about it anymore. My mom went to school to talk to the teacher, but instead of talking she was screaming at the teacher about what he called me in front of the class. The teacher at that time was a relative of my moms’ stepmother. The principal said that we didn’t have any proof.

         My mom decided to come to live in Vineland with my aunt so that I could start a new chapter in my life with other students and teachers. When I came to Vineland, I went to Wallace Middle School. They put me in a class where I didn’t learn anything. I just sat there or cooked. I was very frustrated. When I came to Vineland High School, I was very scared because I thought that I was going to be bullied again. 

The worst thing was in Algebra class, because I didn’t learn any math in Wallace. I didn’t know Algebra. I learned that not every school is the same and not every person is going to bully me. I was so happy when I got to high school because I made a lot more friends than I had In Puerto Rico. Here I have the best teachers ever. One of them is Ms. Bertini and the other one is her instructional aide Mrs. Ortiz. They are good people and they always support me.

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