The Story of my Life…

By Julia  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Maryland

I were born in El Salvador, I grow up in the field surrounded by mountains, trees, close to the river, it was a free place where the kids run in the street and play in the puddles of water during the winter. I started school when I was 4 years old because I told my mom that I needed to go like sisters. I don’t remember how was my first day of school day in school, but I remember that my backpack was pink, very small and had a Winnie Pooh.  I always dreamed to  study and to have a career. And i am fighting for that.

In 2014 a day that I came back from school my mom and my sister were not there, I was confused and when they came back, my sister started to cry and she told me that I have to leave El Salvador with my mom and I was more confused because I don’t understand why and I started to cry because I can not believed, I had a lot of questions and nobody give me answers. In that moment, my life ended. At night we go to my grandparents’ house to say bye. In the  morning of Wednesday I left a part of me because I had to say bye to my family, to my grandma’s house, to the mangoes trees, to my cow, and to the mountains that saw me growth. I back to my house to get my things and that morning was the last time that I put my feet on the river, that I  walk and the field, the last time that I see my neighbors, and when I be in my house I started to remember every single moment of my life, and I know that in the moment when I put a foot out of my house I will left everything of me in there. But the most terrible moment was when I had to say bye to my sisters, saw they cry broke my heart.

We were in the bus and my mom was crying and I can’t cry because I had to be stronger for her, because I feel that she was my responsibility. 5 hours later we left the bus and we sleep in a hotel, my mom and I started to talk with other members of the group. That night I don’t sleep because I was thinker about the travel to here and about my sisters. In the morning we know the coyote and then we take a bus because there we cruse the river that is like the border with Guatemala. When we were walking in the street a bus driver call  the police and we had to enter in a crop and basically we passed the night in there. At 9:30 p.m. a old man came to pick we up and we sleep in the floor of his house. Next morning we take another bus to the Capital of Guatemala and we only were like three days in that country. After that we were in the border with Mexico, we take a motorboat for 3 hours, was like a adventure, but I get sick and was raining, we also hear jungle animals. We enter to Mexico and we walk like 2 hours in the jungle, we walk without shoes. That night we sleep in the floor again and the floor was wet and we only used bags, and was really cold, we only sleep 3 hours, at 1:15 a.m. we take a car for 6 hours. I remember that in my all travel to here only one night I sleep in a bed. We were very close to the Rio Bravo and we cross to U.S thursday sep, 11,  at 2:30 p.m.

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