The Threat that Changed Everything

By Jonathan Alexander Zuniga Diaz  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : International High School at Largo

All started when my parents told me “prepare everything! We are going to go to Sanalejos.” That is a city of El Salvador because one acquaintance had died. I prepared and the night before leaving, I saw my mom crying and I asked her “are you okay?” and she and my dad said “We need to talk to all of you!” They said, “Is a lie that an acquaintance  has died.” And my older sister said, “So why are we getting everything ready to go?”and my dad answered, “The main reason why we are leaving the home is because all of us have been threatened with death.” *everything was silent for a while* All of us were surprised we couldn’t believe it. 

The next day, in the morning, we were ready to leave the house. But minutes before we left, some motorcycles were going around our home. We were all scared, looked inside the house wondering if this was the end of us. After a few minutes, things calmed down and my dad called our cousin and asked, “Hello Jose can you take us to another place far from the house as quickly as possible?” Jose responded,” Yes, I’m on my way.” In minutes he was already there and we garbled all our things that we needed for the trip. We got in the car and headed to Guatemalan borders. 

When we got to the border the officer asked, “can I see your passports” my parents replied “yes, of course here they are.” *They handed them over.* The officer told us, “Thank you, you can pass.” We were able to get through but my older sister’s daughter couldn’t get through. Because my sister’s ex-husband did not want to sign some papers to give permission for my sister’s daughter to leave the country.  So my older sister and her daughter had to cross the border illegally. After crossing the border we meet them on the other side of the border. And a man was waiting for us who was going to take us to Mexico, but he took us to a home and locked us in a room. I heard that he only made calls and asked for money to let us out. We spent one day looking up in the room. But my brother who was in the U.S.A got to an agreement and they let us out and left us on the other side of the border of Mexico. 

We passed a part of Mexico that was full of mountains and  abysses. The driver who took us was drunk and the car was moving side to side and we thought that any moment the car was going to turn around and fall to the abysses. Later the car collided with another car and the driver got out of the car and he started arguing with the other driver saying, “You or the one that my car crashed into, you have to pay me for the damage and the repair of the car.” the other driver told him “You’re the ine that have all the blame and don’t come telling me stupid things.” *The two drivers stared at each other angrily.* The driver who was drunk told him, “if not, then we’ll fight here and resolve everything by fists.” 

Later we called another driver to pick us up in case the police arrived so they wouldn’t arrest us for entering Mexico illegally. Then we headed to the border of the United States and Mexico. Then our guide left us in a place to rest because the next day we were going to cross the bravo river. 

After crossing the United States border police arrested us for entering the United states. And we spent three days, arrested for crossing the border. There were 7 of us who came to the United States, but they let only my mom, my sister and my brother and me go out to Texas and took us to a place that gave us clothes and helped us to contact our relatives who were in the U.S. The next day, they let out my older sister and her daughter but my dad was deported because he had previously entered the U.S illegally. He no longer wanted to try to come to the United States because he knew that he would suffer a lot on the trip., but he decided to come because he did not want to leave us alone. 

When he entered the U.S , they took him to court because he wanted to enter the U.S but thank god he managed to enter the U.S only that he had to pay a bill. Finally, we all managed to get to the U.S and start a new life. From this situation I learned that the path to a better life is very difficult and that life is not as many think and that many people suffer because of all the evil that exists in this world and the most important thing I learned is that all parents give everything for their son or daughters.

What I would like people to learn  is that life is not always easy, but you have to keep pushing.   

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