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The Travel of My Life

By Ann Chloe Laforet  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School (FL)

Life is hard but you have to live with it, why? Because you have to fight and never give up on what you want to do, you have to be a success, and focus on the positive. Nobody gets to live life backward. Be brave enough to live and fight life creatively. I’ve learn that life came with a lot of experience, a lot of travel, a lot of challenge, and a lot of text so it’s not easy to have a life of king or a queen, we create our own future! Why do we create our own future?, we create our own future because only you knows what you want to do tomorrow and what you want in your life to be successful.

I always thought I was nothing, everything I did was disapproved my family. That made me feel like I wasn’t born in this world. I always thought that my parents didn’t love me because everything it’s always about my brother. I was scared of my dad because he’s always working. He’s gone in the morning and came late so we don’t really have time to talk or do things in Father and daughter. There’s one thing I put in my head “he did all those things for us and he works hard for us to have a better life”. I was angry about my parents because they didn’t believe on me it was always my brother.
One day my mom and I had a little discussion because she didn’t believe me about something and she said that I always played about everything, that I never take things seriously. I said, “that it wasn’t true because I’m working to make them happy”. But she didn’t try to see my work, it was always my brother. Sometimes when I talk to my dad , he never responded, I felt like he tried to forget me and I felt like I’m not in his world, those were my thoughts. I thought that they try to put me down, but me I want to get up. I want to show them that I can achieve my goals. I can be successful on everything, I only have to trust myself and put on thing in my head and “Just do it”.

Before coming to the United States, I remember that I didn’t know anything about coming to the United States. I was in Haiti at this time, I called my aunt every day and ask her when will I come to the U.S, she would tell me “one day you will live to the U.S with me and we will have good time together”. Every day I thought about those words, in school, at home, and everywhere I go, I never gave up on her words. In June 10th,2016 my school give vacation, when I arrived home I called my aunt again and asked her, “ when will I come because my school gave vacation” I was so excited. She said “Don’t worry about that, we have a surprise for you and it will be soon”, the surprise was to come to the United states.
My dad and my mom called us in their room, dad told us, “a few months ago I asked for residence and they gave it to us”. I felt excited but really sad because at this time i just have a boyfriend and I didn’t know what to tell him.
I called him after the family reunion and told him, my boyfriend felt so sad and I felt it in his voice, after hearing him, I cried.

Seven months past, I saw that we were not in the United States, my mom and dad did not tell us anything, I ask my mom “what happen why we didn’t go in the U.S?”, she said “I don’t know go ask your dad”. I ask my dad, he said, “we will go on January 7th, 2017”. I looked at him, next I said okay.
January 7 past, I was really angry, I looked him with a bad character and I for the last time I asked “when we will go to the U.S?” and he responded, “we will go on January 21”.

January 20th, 2017, we start to pack our stuff I said “yes!!! It’s time!”. My family came to pass the night with me, we did a lot of things, we laugh, we talked about what happened between us, we cried.
January 21st, 2017, finally the day I’ve been waiting for! I was so excited for this day, I couldn’t sleep last night. Now there it is. I was excited and the same time sad because I was leaving my family and my friends. The worst feeling I had in my life is when I arrived in the airport, leaving them and saw them crying looking at me. In my head I’m like “OMG, I will miss those moments so much”. I couldn’t say anything because I was so sad, I was under emotion saying “Bye bye”.

The first foot I put in the United States, I said “ New life, new country, new language, new friends, new on everything, there is no go back anymore we have to live with it”. Whatever happened next we have to fight it, and have a good mind with. I have been here for 12 months now, I’m in the U.S. We have everything we need, it’s like we’re already living there. I was excited and scared to make new friends, and to speak English. Now I’m good with my English. I have a few friends, I love my teachers, my new country, and I’m good with it, I can say I’m grateful. Life show me that she can be strong, she can be the worst thing that you ever seen, she can destroy you, but fight it and you’ll seen the success coming to you.

Now life is getting better than before, my mom believes in me, she thinks I can. My dad changed, he’s now making a lot of time for his family, now its always the three of us for my parents and I appreciate that from them. The most important for me is that I’m moving to a new house with my family. Now there is more travel, more experience like I said before life is not a dream you have to fight it. I’m going to have new friends, new things it’s like my life starts again at zero and i’m going to live with it and fight the worst in the future!!!

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