They wanted to hurt me

By Jose  |   From : El Salvador  |  

My name is Jose when I was in El Salvador i was living with my grandmother and three cousins, I was playing with them and my friends we were in a tournament in fast-soccer that tournament is about only  5 players per team i had games after school, my last school in my country was nice because i had two recess after two hours it was very good but there were problems with the economy because they needed chairs and tables, the food was missing but in the recess it was possible to go and buy food from the stores that were inside the school.

When i was 14 i came here because i was threatened by gangs and if i was not with them, they would kill me or kill my grandmother.  I started my school in El Salvador when i was 7 years old it was hard because i was alone, i had no friend, but every day i was getting  more friends, spent the years and when i was in 8th  grade i was leaving my school when some members of the gangs come to me, I look like how they beat another student, They told him that he had to be a member of them, I was afraid that something happened to me or my grandmother, I did not want to tell anyone what happened because I was afraid, I did not know what to do, because it was hard to leave my family and friends

They wanted to hurt me, when i come out of the school they told me that i had to be a member of the gang or they would hurt  my grandmother, I wanted to not say anything to anyone, because they told me that i had to be in  silence without saying anything, I had a lot fear for my grandmother, I had no idea about what i had to do!…… two weeks later, in the afternoon they come to me again and they told me that i had to be a member of them, and that will be my last warning.

When i received my last warning, I decided talk with my grandmother to know what to do and resolve the problem, Then my grandmother talk to my  mom, She told her what had happened, Then I was waiting two months without school after those two months my mom told me, I had to immigrate to the USA and and my journey began, It was hard to say “bye to my grandmother and friends”, I came here with afraid for my grandmother because I don’t wanted that something to my grandmother, Now i’m calm and have refuge in the USA with my grandmother and my two brothers, I was four days in immigration border but then i move to “casa-hogar” i was four days there and after the four day i came to see again my Family.

Now i’m happy here in the usa with my family and friends because is a different i’m safe and when i came here my mom pick up me in the airport and i cried, i was happy because I looked at my mother after many years, my first week in the USA was good because my family came because they did not know me. We went out, the next month I took a vacation I felt so safe and in peace, I visit many places and that’s how I’m doing here in the United States.


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