This is my life

By Sophia Saller  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School

My name is Sophia, I am 14 years old and live in Miramar FL. I currently attend Everglades High School and I am in 9th grade. I have two older siblings and a small dog named Sweetie. I was born here in South Florida as well as my dad but my mom was born and came from a small country in South America named Suriname. Some things that I enjoy are makeup, going shopping, listening to music, and relaxing in my room for as long as I can. I value family, close friends , and surrounding myself around people I care about.

I have had lots of different changes and experiences  that have occurred in my life one of them being my parents separating.  This situation was bitter-sweet because it was hard to not see both my parents everyday and get used to back and forth. But i also see the situation as a positive because over the years I have built a closer bond with my parents separately and it has brought us closer since. Another experience in my life that had the similar feeling was when I moved into my new house. I had lived in my old house since I was born and  have so many amazing memories there. When I first heard we were moving it was very hard for me because I had always pictured myself living there forever. I thought that living in this new house was going to be horrible and I was always very stubborn when the subject came up. But as the days came closer to when it was time to move, I did not feel that way anymore. Being in the house with my new room and bed felt really cool and different. After that moment, I have really loved living in my new house and making new memories in this home.

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