This Is My Little Story

By Nallely Rodriguez  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Vineland High School

When I was 8 or 9 years old my family went through a lot since my mom didn’t have a job. She didn’t finish high school and because of that she didn’t have a diploma. She struggled day to day without having anyone to depend on. It was just my mom and us. She did not have anyone to take care of us while she looked for work so that she could support us. However, there was never a single day in which we ran out of food. She always fed us even if she was hungry. She always took care of us and we were always ok. In spite of the sacrifices and how hard it was for my mother; she was always present and positive. The people in the town that we lived in realized our situation. One night my mother arrived in my room with sad eyes waking me and my siblings. I noticed that my mom was nervous with teary eyes. I asked her what happened and why she was sad. She just looked at me and told me that we would go to a much better place than where we were presently living and told me to take care of my siblings.

Every day I dreamed of seeing my mother again and that everything would go back to the way it was before. Months went by and I saw my mother with my siblings. I was happy because I thought I was going back to live with her again. But only about five minutes passed and then everything went back to normal. We could only see mom for a few minutes and had to go back to the house where we were placed. I was so sad.

Two years later we were returned to my mom. I was happy because we were together. I am proud of my mother because she is brave and she continues to fight for us. I think that if she was someone else, when she saw that we were taken good care of, she could have stopped fighting for us, but she fought like a lion for us.

When we went to our new home everything was different from before. The house was decorated pretty. We had electricity, water, and food. My siblings and I had bedrooms. And despite all the problems today we are happily united.

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