This is my story

By Erline Christela Valbrun)  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Plantation High School

My name is Erline Christela Valbrun , I was born on September 19, 2002 

Well my story starts like this, I was born in a very poor village in Haiti but my dad worked in the presidential palace and we had a stable life until the age of 4 years I was diagnosed with acute anemia, I went through many treatments and managed to manage the disease and get ahead . 

At the age of sixteen my brother was very jealous because for many years I was the princess of the house and it bothered me to have a brother but at the back I knew that I loved him but I wanted a sister because I went from playing dolls to playing with cars, not sleeping in the evenings but I got used to it and that’s how the years went by. 

In 2010 there was an event in Haiti that was the terrible earthquake which I lost many people were hours of agony waiting for my parents to arrive I thought the worst (they could have died) and passed and spent the hours and my mother appeared and looked for my dad everywhere I spend almost an entire day and I did not know anything about my dad. 

After a lot of waiting, my dad appeared and I think it was one of the best moments of my life. 

And after the earthquake my parents thought that sending me to Venezuela was the best thing. 

When I arrived in Venezuela, I thought that everything was great but the months went by and between school they made me bullying because it was the new bold one. Many times they hit me. They spit in my face until I reached a level that left me lent, I thought that for having left me with glasses they would feel guilty even if it is a little bit but I’m wrong they tell me four eyes, orca with glasses, betty the ugly among many others, but I did not get lost, I was the one who was in charge of being the best the class, the best student of the 3 years that studied in that school and now it was not the jeers but the envy they stole the task they told lies to my professors so that it could not present the exams. 

and during those years I met the person that made me fall in love and mark a before and after in my life I started dating him since I was 11 years old we lasted four years together and it is very painful to lose a person that you love. those years diagnosed my mother with muscular dystrophy, heart failure and many others then I am in a wheelchair and could not go to meetings, or mothers parties, or graduations or anything stop being a daughter to be a mother my mom to have to take care of her to reveal myself for her as she had done for me in some moments. One of the things I regret most in life and I will never forgive is having denied it once. 

but the situation warranted it because I could not let them bullshit either from her or from me, because she was my mother and it bothered me that they made fun of her the way I solved it was not the best and I know but many times I ask her forgiveness my mom and god for everything. 


and so the years went by and we decided that we had to come to the United States and leave that country that taught me so much, I would say, because the situation that happened and continues to happen in Venezuela affected me a lot because I consider myself Venezuelan of heart Venezuela. I gave a home a family new people who know many apprenticeship throughout my life was horrible to watch the time without being able to go out into the quiet streets without being able to have tranquility and not fear that one day you can be the person who is dead be afraid to lose your family known friends was impossible to live with that fear and I had to make a decision Venezuela or my family and I can not choose other than my family and leave Venezuela as a memory of learning and not pain. 

When I arrived in the United States did not speak English I had to learn again a language I did not know but with the passage of time I learned to live because I had already gone through that 10 years ago in Venezuela and I knew how to get to a country new without knowing the language. 

Then I knew how it worked and I really wanted to learn the language but on the way I lost a lot of people but also knew my friends (Gabriela, Sofia, Corina and many more) and also many teachers who gave me advice on life. to this day I am very grateful to God for having taught me and let me connect the people I knew and for that I want to give thanks 


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