I Thought I Would Not Be Able to Live Here

By Valentina Macias Restrepo  |   From : Boston  |   School : East Boston High School

My story started when I was 14 years old. I decided to start here because this is when I started to experience new things. When I was 14 years old, my parents decided to bring me to United States. My dad came came to the United States when I was 10 years old. They thought that this was the better decision for us because we would be together as a family, because my mom, my brother and I were in Colombia while my dad was in the United States alone. We did not want to be further apart. We were separated 4 years.
I really didn’t like this idea much because I already had my life in Colombia: my friends, my family, my high school. At that time I did not want other friends, or another high school. My friends felt sad because we did not want to part. I felt scared because I came to a new country with another language, other customs and above all, other climates. It was very different from Colombia, here there are very different cultures, many countries, and very different customs, as well the food.

When I arrived in the United States, I felt very happy to see my dad because for 4 years, I did not see him as part of my life. These four years were very different and sometimes difficult because I felt like I needed to see him and and give him a hug .
My first day here was good and very happy because we shared time as a family and we made breakfast together. We made calentado con arepa. I felt very complete being all together, but I was not totally complete. My grandfather was missing. He is like my other dad. He always supports me and he loves me like his daughter. I’m his favorite. At the same time I felt sad because I was missing many things from my country. I was missing my family, and some Colombian customs like spending time with family or going to church with everyone in the family, or going to a farm and having a fun day. I still did not get used being here because it was a new life and new things like the climates, the school, the language.
I thought that I would not be able to learn to live here. I thought I would not be able to learn the customs and especially the language. I started studying in Orchard Gardens K-8 and then to East Boston High School. I feel confused but I wanted to learn and grow up, day by day and step by step. And now I’m not happy here because I still miss many things from my family, like my grandfather and the things I used to do, for example, riding skates and playing volleyball. I would be happy to go back to Colombia to be with my family, my grandfather, back doing things I used to do, and study medicine that is my passion.

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