Three painful days.

By Orlin  |   From : Guatemala  |  

Orlin is from Guatemala. He was 14 years old when he left his country. He decided to go to the U.S.A because he wanted to see his mother. Orlin lived with his grandmother. Orlin saw his mother after 13 years, because Orlin’s mom left when he was 15 months old. Orlin had to walk through the desert for three days and three nights. Orlin did not eat food during his walk on the desert.

On the last day orlin was very weak He couldn’t walk any more, and this guy made a buckback  with his T-shirt where he had a water battle  and he gave it to Orlin. The guy was pulling Orlin with his T-shirt.

Orlin talked to himself and asked him to remember all the hard work he has done to be there. When Orlin was talking with himself he started remembering all the good moments he spent in Guatemala. Orlin thought about his future in the U.S.A. with his mom the future he was thinking about was to be an army member or the air force member.  

Orlin was very frustrated and got up, and he yelled, “I won’t give up.” I have a goal, my goal is to meet my mother and to get a better future. It was like if he just woke up from a terrible dream. Ones I got up i felt so angry, and I started acting very furious.  

We got to the place where people were going to take us on a truck.We had to be in the truck for 6.5 or 7 hours. However  the police started following us and the truck driver started driving the car very crazily. My aunt and I got lost in Texas. We were scared, so I asked my aunt to go out the woods, and go to the road and ask for help. She were agreed with me, so we went to the road and I was jumping like a crazy person.  this lady saw us and she just looked at us, laughing, and she said bye. I got upset with American people, but then  I saw this guy and I jumped and yelled help, he said “bye” and I got mad. I was crying after seeing how mean the people were in the United States. Then he stopped  the car and he came back to us and he asked us if we wanted some water and he took us to a gas station. A lady who was working there took us to her house and then my uncle came to pick us up.

After 24 hours of driving I got to the neighborhood where my mom lived. I started having a very,very strong feeling . I was nervous, excited, and so happy to see my mother for the first time after 13 years. When we got to the house, I saw everybody but not my mom because she was cooking. when I got out of the car, very tired, my mom was coming out from the house and the first thing I saw were her tears falling down her cheeks.  she hugged me very hard, I hugged her too, and she looked to my eyes and she said look how big you have grown. I was so excited, happy and I started crying too. i felt so happy when i was in her arms. Now i feel good by being with my mother. And i’m  trying to be a good son so she can be proud of me.



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