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To me, it was a funny experience

By Harvey  |   From : Palm Beach (Florida)  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

Hi, my name is Harvey Pazmino. I am originally from Ecuador, Manta. I left Ecuador one year ago and I am going to share my personal “I learn America” story.


I departed from my country on July 25 of 2015. I came here in airplane for study and visit this country my family strives to my studies and is a good family.


To me, it was a funny experience and curious to know a new country. I slept on the plane with emotions, thinking to see new is fun the people of the others countries each with their own history.


My life here is fun, but all the days are days of happiness or sadness. I am trying to learn English I am happy with the new people that I met. I am always trying to learn more day after day, it makes me happy.


It was curious why my first time out of my country but was funny why is a new country to visit and see.
My experience is funny why I was to visit some relatives.

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