By Franklyn Silverio  |   From : Dominican Republic  |   School : Bloomfield High School

Today I wake up in the middle of silence.

Today I wake up surrounded by desolation 

Today the trees do not breathe 

Today the rivers do not recite melodies of peace.

Today the windows have eyes. 

Today many people die.

Today we put hope to the test.

Today nature makes a call to us while an enemy of the ego and life stalks us.

Today anxiety invites us to meditate. 

Today the world becomes one and stops fighting.

Today we love who we once hated. and we miss those who are no longer here with us.

Today everyone has fear and anguish.

 Today the youth are wrong like me 

And although we do not know the cure, today 

I believe in you God and we love you more than ever God.

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