Travelling and integrating are in my genes !

By Dumont  |   From : Toulouse  |   School : College Stendhal

I am part Irish and part Scottish and part English and part French, but totally European.

My ancestors discovered and developed lands for their Countries, in Ireland, Japan, China, North Africa. They traveled far and wide, not returning home for a year at a time.

My grandfather converted from presbyterian to catholic religion to be able to marry his fiancée – he was rejected by his family in the 1910’s and cut out of the will ! Having been abandoned by his father when small and then became an orphan at 11, hardly surprising that he left his home country !

My parents braved new seas too : a mixed nationality marriage was very rare in the 1950’s – even the French state, via the Préfet, had to give its approval !

My husband and 2 brothers-in-law are from three different nations and I’ve lived in four countries. We continue to move around, and our cousins too in other countries.

I hope my children will also to citizens of the World – or the Universe.


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