The truth behind immigrants’ life

By Yaire  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : KIND

Do you have any idea of what it is to migrate to another country? Or do you even know what migration is all about and why people migrate? Well, if you don’t know anything about this topic just keep reading. This story talks about immigrants’ life and the challenges they have to face for pursuing their dreams, their needs and their wants.


According to statistics, there is an estimated of 11.5 million illegal immigrants reside the united states today. It is a huge number, right? Life is not easy for those 11.5 million immigrants that reside in the united states, but americans think the opposite. No one else gets up at 4:30am everyday to go to work, as immigrants do. There are many American  people that discriminate immigrants. Many of them call us criminals and a lot more of bad things, trying to offend us.


Some americans are against illegals, but they don’t know why we came to the united states. Many immigrants came to the U.S. running away from gangs, rebellions, corruption and poverty. There is one man, the most hated man by latinos, Donald trump, the elected president of the united states. He has sown fear and hate in  undocumented people. Every time he spoke in his campaign to the people who supported him he was just talking mean things about immigrants.


‘‘ …They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people’’. Those were Trumps’ word and opinion. But it is just an opinion, well his opinion.


Everyone know that what he had said is not even true. We are not bringing drugs, or crime, we are not even rapists. We are not bad people, we are people, common people like everyone else in this world. As humans he have the same rights, even though we have a different skin color, a different language, a different ethnic and a different religion and belief. We are all equal before the eyes of god.


We came here looking forward to a better future, trying to  make some more money to support our families, trying to get a better job or education. American people do not know how undocumented people live in their home country. They don’t know how hard is for immigrants to cross the frontera. Some people lose their lives trying to get to united states. Many died in their attempts, they never get to see their family again. When i was on Guatemala, i remember seen in the news desperate and heartbroken people, mostly mothers because of the lose of their loved ones.


Many americans think we don’t have feelings, but we do have feelings just as everyone else does. We all are humans, we all have a heart.


I’m not against trump as president, but i don’t want him to be against us.


I’m just talking for those who have no voice and to express myself. The elections disappointed and makes me upset, I don’t really understand why in the United States the president is elected by electoral votes, and not by citizens vote. If they don’t need the citizens vote, why would they do it? I prefer to express myself by writing. In my opinion writing is the best way to express our feelings.


Remember United we are stronger.


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  • Lycee Jean Moulin

    February 23rd, 2017 at 7:54 am

    I really enjoyed your peace message, it’s really great that you express yourself by writing and I hope you’ll continue. And I agree with you for Trump.

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