Try to move forward in life

By Mario  |   From : Honduras  |   School : Plantation High School

Hi, my name is Mario and this is my story … I was born in Honduras on April 12, 2002 I lived in my country for 13 years of my life. 

 I had a great time with my friends and family, my life in my country was very good and very normal, I went to school, do all my jobs and returned to my house to do the same routine every day, I did not have any worries of any kind. 

 I loved playing with my cousin and my grandfather, my cousin is like my brother, my grandfather took us to fish and to different places, that is one of the strangest things to be in my country, but apart from them there is a very special person for me ” my grandmother ” she is the person I most loved, with her I spent hours in a room playing the guitar and singing. 

 I have many memories of my country that I will never forget; I spent very good moments of my life there. 

But one day it came to me and my family the worst news they could have given us, people were extorting my dad, they asked him big amounts of money and if not the extortionists would have to kill us, so one day my dad talked to my mom saying that if they wanted to see us (my sister and I) grow up we would have to move to the United States, so one month After we took flight to the United States leaving everything behind, our family, friends, and our old lives to start a new one in a new country, right now I don’t want to go back to my country because I am afraid of what is going to happen if I land in my country again. 

 We arrived in Miami. It was not easy to adapt and be able to move forward, it was a little bit easier due to the fact that we had taken English classes in our previous school, but the atmosphere that we felt when we went to other places was strange for us. 

 When we arrived, an aunt met us at her home in Kendal Miami for 3 months, the day we decided to move to our own house we moved to Plantation Broward it was not easy to move because we did not know anything about that place, when we had already established In our house, my sister and I started to go to school, at the beginning it was difficult to join the people and the classes, but little by little we adapted. 

 After that our life was very good, we had friends, we were doing well in the classes and we did not have any problem, until one day after 1 year, my aunt calls and gives me the news that hurt me inside, she told me that my grandmother had died, at that time I did not say anything and I gave the phone to my mom, I just turned around and started to cry, I felt very bad, I did not want to talk to anyone, I felt very bad for not being able to be at her funeral, I cried like never before I had cried in my life, I saw her funeral by video call, it was very hard for me and my family, but I tried to keep going, many people helped me, and now I’m still strangling her but I try to move forward in my life. 

 Now my life is different and I would not exchange it for anything, I am looking to the future and I do not regret anything I did in the past, everything happens for something and that makes me stay looking forward. 

My life in the United States is full of friends and people who love me, I still miss my country but I think I could never do the things I do here in my country, in my country there are many complexities, but apart from all that my country it’s still my favorite country. 

My story does not end here, it is just beginning, there are many things that I have ahead of me and I am going to reach them. 

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